Locacity SG

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Developer: WeesWares

"Locacity SG" is an application that allows you to find nearby points of interest (POI), such as ATM machines, 7-Eleven stores, petrol stations etc. Its super intuitive and simple to use. All your settings are saved automatically and search is always 1 touch away.

New version includes Community Centres, iNets Kiosks & Sam Machines!

Do note this is the Singapore edition and includes the following points of interest:

1. 400+ 7-Eleven stores
2. 500+ AXS stations
3. 600+ DBS/POSB ATM machines
4. 20+ Hospitals
5. 200+ Petrol stations
6. 100+ Police stations
7. 60+ Post offices
8. 300+ Singapore Pools branches
9. 300+ Schools
10. 200+ Supermarkets

Some examples of how Locacity can be so useful in your life:

* Did you suddenly have a flash of inspiration for a 4D number? But where to buy? Locacity to the rescue.
* You made the wrong turn, youve been driving around for ages, petrol running empty...where to fill up?? Locacity to the rescue.
* Out with friends in the wee mornings - youre thirsty and you need a buzz...where to buy? Locacity to the rescue.
* You have a business appointment. You want to make a good impression for lunch and need some cash injection from nearest ATM. Locacity to the rescue.

Please let me know what other points of interest you want added in - Ill do my best to include them in the next application update. Email me at joseph@weeswares.com, or just mention in your reviews.